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My name is Mindie Hilton, and I would love to help you in the growth of your child.
I just finished up a full year of teaching with Bakersfield City School District.  I was a long term Substitute, teaching at both Downtown Elementary and Franklin Elementary.  From the experience I received working at two other children's centers here in Bakersfield, I discovered I enjoy home daycare over public school teaching.
I feel that one person CAN make a difference.  I may not have an impact on as many children at one time, but that in my opinion is for the better.  The teacher to student ratio is to low.  I can better focus on the needs of each individual child in a smaller classroom setting.  
That's right, classroom setting.  That is how things will loosely be run.  I want to do my best to give your children the biggest head start they can get, so when it comes time to head off to public school the transition will be easy, and as fun as possible.  
If you have any questions give me a call at
661-663-7789 or E-mail by clicking the button below.
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